Artist Statement

Fundamentally within my process I organically embed my emotions into cloth, through repetitive making and hand stitching. My work considers the entangled matters of materiality, ecological, natural and political systems and memories of places and things.


I have always been fascinated by organic elements in the natural environment. They are never static, their ever-changing realities and flux are only visible to us in time as we experience it. This quality of change, of imperceptible movement into decay on one hand and exuberant growth on the other, inspires my abstractions. As we venture through the unfolding of our life story, treading new ground, and on occasion revisiting old spaces, we change, we become and evolve. This passage through time becomes a physical metamorphosis. It is this journey within the body, but also our journey of transitioning through different environments, spacial and social contexts, that inspires my imagery.

Using textiles as the basis for construction in my work, I contrast natural and synthetic fibres to create forms that echo organic organisms and systems, cellular mutations and elements of tactile memories. Creating surface texture with a variety of gathered objects. This contrast in materials and the inclusion of reclaimed elements also reflects on the impact of the textile industry and consumerism on the environment, especially on water systems. I often imagine that cloth carries the imprint of the memory of water.